The Future of Blockchain games

Building a network of play-to-earn games from arcade to adventure games on mobile and PC using our native cryptocurrency, $MWG.


We are a small development team aiming to deploy unique, play-to-earn NFT games where people can enjoy while earning our native cryptocurrency and can be used to buy NFTs.

Our token, $MWG, will be the native cryptocurrency among our games. You can earn in various of ways and trade on different exchanges (coming soon).

Game Development

Our main goal is to provide people, especially gamers/investors, a fun way to earn through playing games.


Our games will be running through Cloud Game Servers which will prevent high pings and lags during gameplay.

built on xrpl

$MWG is built on XRPL providing fast transactions with less fees suitable for better trading experience.


We will be giving away our tokens to the community through airdrops and loyalty drops. Be sure to follow our Twitter page and join our Telegram group for more updates.


our Whitepaper

This is a document which gives the people an idea or concept of the project. We advise investors to always read the whitepaper of any projects before putting your hard-earned money into it. We also include here our plans for the future so be sure to read it. You can download our whitepaper by clicking the button below. This will be available on different languages soon.




Token Supply


Game Development



Exchange Liquidity

Project Team


Game Currency Liquidity


Airdrops/Giveaways to the Community

Astronaut on Alien Planet

our community

The community is one of the most important factors of a successful project. The trust that they give is necessary for the project to reach its goals. For this reason, we will be communicating our plans and decisions as well as listening to suggestions and comments by the community. We may have started this project, but the community is what fuels it. Join our Telegram group and be part of our growing diversified community. Come and be part of MotionWreck Community!



Stage 1 - Start-up

  • Whitepaper and Website Launch

  • 30,000+ Trustline holders

  • Airdrop Commencement

  • Sneak Peek of our First Game


Stage 2 - Marketing Push and Listings

  • 50,000+ Trustline holders

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Exchange Listings

  • Partnerships

  • Drop a Demo Game

  • First Game Deployment

  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) and Interviews


Stage 3 - Game Deployments

  • 70,000+ Trustline Holders

  • More Game Deployments


news and updates


Note: Pictures shown are mere representations of our project and do not indicate the actual screenshots of our games. Website will be updated once screenshots and actual gameplay of our games are available.

Reminder: Trading cryptocurrencies carries high risk. Always use due diligence before buying any cryptocurrencies.